Extremely Fast Simulation of the Li--Ion Batteries Governing Equations

Document Type : Research Paper


LionVolt B.V.



The widespread use of batteries across various electrical applications, ranging from small devices to hybrid-electric vehicles, underscores the need for precise battery models. These models serve critical purposes such as design, optimization, monitoring, and real-time simulations. While dynamic models are commonly employed for these applications, they require extensive experimental tests to obtain essential electrical element parameters. Alternatively, models based on solving governing equations offer greater accuracy but often involve time-consuming computational fluid dynamics solvers, making them impractical for real-time modeling. In this study, an extremely fast simulation method is introduced, leveraging fundamental electrochemical relations. By assuming constant parameters along the thickness of the electrodes, partial equations are transformed into algebraic equations and efficiently solved. This approach yields rapid results suitable for real-time simulations. Validation of these results against other models and experimental data demonstrates a strong agreement, particularly in voltage estimation. The aim of this method is to swiftly analyze parameters and track their variations throughout the process, expediting estimation procedures.

The results shows that the presented method is able to capture the CFD results with less than 2\% error, while the consuming time is almost negligible.


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