What is HFE peer-review policy?

Articles submitted to HFE are usually sent out to peer reviewers, although submissions that are out of scope for the journal or are of an unacceptably low standard may be rejected without review. Potentially suitable manuscripts will generally be reviewed by at least two experts in the field with the aim of reaching a first decision as soon as possible.

Is HFE indexed in scientific databases and search engines?

The full text of all published articles in IJHFC is immediately available in the website of HFE and they are currently disseminated and fully indexed with search engines such as Google Scholar, which enhance the visibility of all articles to public who are seeking on their interest. Further, the articles of HFE are disseminated and indexed with various scientific databases, details are found at:

What is Open access?

Open access publications are available freely available and permanently in the website of HFE, in which one can download the articles at any time and by anyone with an internet connection. If author/editor is properly acknowledge then one can do unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium is permitted. In order to increase the visibility of authors work, open access has provided tremendous support to both authors and science institutions. Authors can retain copyright and do rapid publication.

Should authors pay the amount for publication?

The authors never pay any charges for submission, article processing and publication.

How can authors change if name of the author(s) is spelled incorrectly in the submitted?

At the proof stage, one can do any changes that would like to have made. The typesetter carries out corrections before an article is published online. Please note that changes are no longer possible after publication.

What can authors do if webpage is not opening properly?

The problem is caused by cookies that are blocked on your system. In case of using Internet Explorer, then go to “Tools” on the top bar and then click on “Internet Options.” Under “Privacy” adjust the cookie settings to allow cookies. In case of using Firefox, then go to “Extras” on the top bar and then choose “Settings > Data Security > Accept cookies”. Now, the problem should then be solved.

How do authors change their account details?

After having clicked the link provided in the email, authors can change all of their account details. After having changed their address, use the link from the email again to go back to the “My Publication” pages.

What if the paper does not follow the journal’s format?

Authors are required to adhere to the journal’s Guide for Authors. If the paper is good, the editor may choose to overlook the formatting issues, else, editor may ask the authors to restructure the manuscript before publication.

How much time to complete a review?

Time to First Decision: 1.4 weeks, Review Time: 3.5 weeks, Sending a certificate of acceptance: 1 week

Do the authors need to submit the copyright form along with the manuscript?

Yes. Copyright forms shall be submitted by corresponding author at the time of submission of manuscript.

How often does the journal get published?

The HFE is published quarterly.