Guide for Authors

The manuscripts should be typed double-spaced in 12 pt Times New Roman font and they should include the title, authors names, address of authors, abstract, keywords, all sections of the body of the manuscript, footnotes, and references.



The tile should clearly indicate the content of the article. No abbreviation should be used in the title.


Authors and their addresses

should be placed below the title. Use an asterisk (*) to distinguish the corresponding author with a footnote containing the phone number, fax number, and email address of the person.



The abstract should state briefly (no more than 300 words- with no abbreviations) the reason for the work, the significant new results, and conclusions.



Select up to five words should be provided on the title page. It is suggested to use The Chemical Thesaurus and the CAS thesauri. 



The body of the manuscript should be divided into the following sequence of sections: 1. Introduction, 2. Experimental, 3. Results and discussion, 4. Conclusions and 5. References.


Tables and Figures

Should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals (Table 1. and Figure 1.) Tables must have a brief descriptive title. Figures should have figure captions on a separate sheet. The content of figures and tables should not be duplicated.


References (Vancouver Citation Style

References should be listed on a separate sheet in numerical order according to their order of appearance in the text. Typical citations are illustrated below:

- Journals

[1] Lindstrom B. and Pettersson L. J., "Hydrogen generation by steam reforming of methanol over copper-based catalysts for fuel cell applications", Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 2001, 26: 923 [year of publication, Volume, number of the first page]. 

- Patents

[2] Brian W., US Patent 6 379 828, 2002.

- Books

[3] Zhao T. S., 1st ed., Micro Fuel Cells, Academic Press, 2009.

- Conference Sessions and Presentations

[4] Taghavi H., Shirazi M. M., Hooshmand N., Rahimpour M. R. and Jahanmiri A., "A Tubular Catalytic Plasma Reactor for Hydrogen-Rich Gas Production", Proceeding of the 2nd Conference on Hydrogen & Fuel Cell, Tehran, Iran, 2012: 7.

Required files to be uploaded: Five essential files must be submitted through the manuscript submission system: 1. The main file of the manuscript (without the names of the authors); the manuscript should be prepared based on the template. 2. Title page in the mentioned format, 3. Authorship form (must include the title of the article and the name and surname of all authors and be signed by all authors), 4. Conflicts of Interest form (must be signed by the Corresponding Author and uploaded with the article file), and 5. Cover letter.