Prospects and Challenges for the Production and Use of Green Hydrogen as a Promising Energy in Libya

Document Type : Research Paper


Ajdabiya University



The ever-increasing energy demand of the world leads to the diversification of energy sources, especially renewable energy. Libya is entirely dependent on non-renewable energy sources. Therefore, the presence of a clean and renewable energy source has become one of the foundations for sustainable development. Therefore, it was necessary to search for an alternative energy source to oil and gas, the only energy source in Libya.

This study examines the challenges and prospects of the potential of green hydrogen production in Libya and its use for future implementation. It also provides an overview of the benefits of switching to green hydrogen technology. Green hydrogen production will offer an alternative energy source in Libya. It will be the best alternative to the only available energy source as it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.

The study confirms that Libya is one of the most promising countries for the production of large quantities of green hydrogen for several reasons. The most important point is the availability of solar energy. Libya has high solar radiation (3000 to 3,500 hours of sunshine per year), a hot and dry climate, and large uninhabited areas, 88% of which are covered by deserts. In addition, wind energy and thermal energy are available in Libya. In addition, Libya has a strategic position close to the European market.


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