Hydrogen production via steam reforming of LPG on Ni/Zeolite catalysts

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST)

2 Malek Ashtar University of Technology


Steam reforming is one of the most important processes for producing hydrogen from hydrocarbon fuels such as LPG and has attracted much attention due to its high efficiency and economy. In this study, the LPG steam reforming reaction was investigated on nickel catalysts supported on four various zeolites (H-Y, Na-Y, HZSM5 and Ferrierite). The catalytic tests were performed in a tubular fixed bed stainless steel reactor (I.D. 10 mm) at 650°C. Results revealed that type of support and specific surface area have significant effects on the activity and selectivity of the prepared catalyst. In this way, Ni/Na-Y catalyst exhibited the highest surface area (696.4 m2/g) among the prepared catalysts. Also, this catalyst showed a low degree of coke formation and consequently, high stability in LPG steam reforming process. Ultimately, The catalytic results showed that the Ni/Na-Y catalyst possessed the highest LPG conversion (95.7 %), H2 yield (48.6%) and stability in this reaction.


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